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The Console Log Screen

Console Log

The Log screen is a read only page available from the Console. At the bottom of the Console page, there is a "View Log" button. Clicking on this button will bring you to the Log screen.

The log contains whatever output the system generates. Normally, the log has some information that is generated on start up, during restarts, and when adding devices to the system. If you choose to write your own device code and insert "print" statements, these will also show up in the log.

If there are errors caught by the running code, these will also show up in the log. If your system behaves strangely, it's a good idea to check the log to see if there is any useful error information in the log.

A typical Log after start up:

Cookie path is: /tmp/vw_tempdir
Creating BaseDeviceType class: Users
Creating BaseDeviceType class: GlobalWeb
Started: Wed Mar 20 00:16:23 UTC 2013
Code built: Tue Mar 19 01:14:45 UTC 2013
Current time: Wed Mar 20 00:16:23 UTC 2013
status: "Program starting ..." (from: user_name@, Users[user_name])
Loaded 99 user scripts from files
DRB started at: druby://macintosh-34.local:57257
Running user initialization scripts ...
Added 0 missing connectors for: user_name
Created 1 connections
Current time is now: 2013-03-19 20:16:23 -0400
status: "Program is up and running" (from: user_name@, Users[user_name])

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