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The following is a set of Scripts or "Recipes" which one can run to build some interesting systems. Once you have successfully run some of these Scripts, you may have some ideas for some new projects. Feel free to use parts or all of these Scripts in your own projects.

To run one of these Scripts, click on it in the "examples" area, or copy it into a (new) file in your Scripts "user" area. If you are creating a new file, remember to restart the system and refresh the Scripts page afterwards. Run the file from your Scripts page by clicking on its Run action. You will find that many of these Scripts are already in the Scripts "examples" area. If the the Script is in the "examples" area, just click on its "Run" action.

Some Scripts will require hardware devices. These Scripts and their devices are briefly identified here, and they described in detail within the individual Recipe pages and in the Scripts files.

If a Script fails to run, or if you want to start fresh with an empty configuration, be sure to restart the system from the Scripts page.

These Recipes were built using the Virtual Wiring application. First, devices were selected by clicking on their device Scripts within the Scripts page and supplying their Script parameters. Next the selected devices were wired together using the Wiring page. Lastly, the appropriate text was copied from the Console page and edited to remove the status lines and to add comments.

Virtual Device Recipes

These are easy to build, because they don't require any additional devices or wiring.

Arduino Recipes

These Recipes all use an Arduino, and most also have discrete devices wired to the Arduino. Most devices are inexpensive and easy to find, but they may require some wiring.

Unless told otherwise by a Recipe, make sure you have an Arduino plugged into a USB port on your Virtual Wiring system. As explained in the Arduino Devices section, Arduinos should be running the Firmata application version 2.2 or higher (usually installed by the vendor on new systems).

ZigBee Recipes with XBees

These Recipes use an XBee coordinator connected to the Virtual Wiring system and one or more XBee devices.

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