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DLP Design Devices

DLP Design makes a number of USB devices useful for general purpose sensing and control. Their sensors allow digital and analog voltage measurement, and they can sense temperature. Their temperature sensors can be connected over twisted pair wiring 200 feet long. Their control circuits source digital outputs, and they control onboard relays. Their designs are all very cost effective.

Some DLP Devices
DLP Devices

In the above photo, from left to right, we show a DLP-TEMP-G, DLP-IO8-G, and DLP-IOR4 device. The TEMP-G has three general purpose pins. Each pin is separately programmable to be either a digital input, digital output, analog input, or a temperature sensing input. The DLP-IO8-G is similar to the TEMP-G, but it has 8 general pupose pins and a terminal block to make wiring easier. The DLP-IOR4 has four normally open, normally closed relays for general purpose switching; it also has terminal blocks to make wiring easier. The relays are self latching, so they retain their state after power cycling.

Supported DLP Devices

We support the following list of DLP devices. For more information about a particular device and for installation information, click on one of the following links:

  • DLP-TEMP-G - 3 general purpose signals for doing digital input, out, analog input, and temperature sensing

  • DLP-IO8-G - 8 general purpose signals for doing digital input, out, analog input, and temperature sensing

  • DLP-IOR4 - 4 general purpose self latching relays

DLP Device Shared Methods

The DLP Devices are based on a common architecture, so they have some common methods. These methods are useful for configuring the devices and for low level device access. The learn more about shared methods, click here.

Design Idea

In the next photo, we show a DLP-IO8-G wired into a larger system. This design provides dedicated screw terminals for each of the 8 IO8 signals and dedicated power(5V) and grounds(0V). Many applications require a separate ground connection per IO8 connection, and some (temperature sensing) also require a power connection. Though the IO8 has a dedicated screw terminal for each of its 8 signals, it shares a single power and single ground screw terminal between all of them. We've also added pull-up resistors to each of the 8 IO8 signals. Pull-ups can be useful for digital inputs, and they are required when temperature sensing.

DLP-IO8-G Based Control board
IO8 Control Board

The added terminal blocks have 2 screw terminals per electrical connection. We've wired the power, ground, pull-ups, and IO8 signals to the inner screw terminals. The outer screw terminals are available for external connections.

To create the power and ground wires for each of the 8 signals, we've crimped bundles of 4 power (red wires) and 4 ground (black wires) together using "beanie connectors". Beanies make connecting wires together easy. Just stick 2-4 wires into a beanie and crimp the beanie shut. No need to pre-strip the wires. We bought the two, 12 terminal, terminal blocks on Amazon.

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