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Configuring a Shield Bot

Shield Bot Device
shield bot device

The Seeed Studio Shield Bot is a vehicle with 2 independently controlled wheels in the rear and a single roller in front. It comes equipped with a set of 5 line sensors and 6 Grove plugs. An Uno Arduino plugs into the bottom of the bot, which is why the Shield Bot is a type of (oversized) shield.

To see a Recipe using this Script to create a joystick controlled wireless Shield Bot, look here.

There are 2 versions of the Shield bot: 0.9b and 1.1 (the 1.0 version is the same as the 0.9b, from a scripting standpoint). There are 2 Scripts, one for configuring the 0.9b version and one for configuring the 1.1 version. They are called ShieldBot_V0.9b and ShieldBot_V1.1. The Scripts create the terminals necessary for controlling the 2 powered rear wheels on the bot. At this time, the Scripts do not create terminals for the 5 builtin IR sensors (though you can add them as Arduino inputs).

The ShieldBot_V0.9b and ShieldBot_V1.1 Scripts require the following parameters:

  • arduino_id : the ID of the Arduino which is connected to the Shield Bot. This is the same as the ID supplied by the "id" parameter when adding an Arduino to the system.
  • left_mot_pos : the name for the bot's left motor positive terminal.
  • left_mot_neg : the name for the bot's left motor negative terminal.
  • left_mot_en : the name for the bot's left motor enable terminal.

The three left motor terminals work together to control the motor's direction and speed. When the left_mot_pos terminal is on and the left_mot_neg terminal is off, the motor will turn in the forward direction. It will turn in the reverse direction when the on and off values are reversed. The left_mot_en terminal controls the speed of the motor. If the terminal is 0, the motor is stopped. If the terminal is 100, the motor is full on (and the values from 1-99 make the motor go from barely running to just under full speed).

The right motor has a similar set of parameters and operates the same way as the left motor.

  • right_mot_pos : the name for the bot's right motor positive terminal.
  • right_mot_neg : the name for the bot's right motor negative terminal.
  • right_mot_en : the name for the bot's right motor enable terminal.

To add a Shield Bot on the Arduino with ID "arduino" with left motor terminals named "l_pos", "l_neg", "l_en", and right terminals named "r_pos", "r_neg" and "r_en", the parameter values for the ShieldBot Scripts are as follows:

arduino_id: "arduino"
left_mot_pos: "l_pos"
left_mot_neg: "l_neg"
left_mot_en: "l_en"
right_mot_pos: "r_pos"
right_mot_neg: "r_neg"
right_mot_en: "r_en"

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