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INSTEON Wired Thermostat

An INSTEON Wired Thermostat
INSTEON wired thermostat

The INSTEON Wired Thermostat is an INSTEON controllable thermostat. It works with 24V heating/cooling systems and can control both heating and cooling. It has buttons for manual control, and it can also be monitored and controlled remotely. From a remote location, one can control the thermostat mode (off, heating, cooling, or both heating and cooling) as well as the temperature settings; the thermostat also reports the current temperature and humidity.

Wired Thermostat Device Description

The Wired Thermostat Device has Terminals for controlling the thermostat, and Terminals for outputting status information (all these functions are also possible by reading the thermostat's display or by pressing the thermostat's buttons).

The thermostat Device has 3 pure outputs for providing status: "mode", "humidity", and "temperature". The "mode" terminal outputs the mode of the thermostat: Off, Heat, Cool, or Auto. Heat and Cool mean the thermostat is just heating or cooling, and Auto means the thermostat is doing whatever is necessary (heating or cooling) to maintain temperature. The humidity and temperature outputs display the temperature and humidity sensed by the thermostat.

The thermostat Device has one input Terminal: "command". The "command" terminal accepts commands for changing the mode of the thermostat. Possible commands are: "heat", "cool", "auto", and "off". The "command" terminal can also accept a temperature value; if the thermostat is heating or cooling, it will assign the temperature value to the appropriate (heating or cooling) setpoint.

The thermostat Device has 2 bidirectional Terminals: "heat_setpoint", and "cool_setpoint". These Terminals display the setpoints for heating or cooling. In addition, they accept numeric values as inputs for setting the heating and cooling setpoints. So, for example, if one wanted the heat set to 70 degrees, one would assign 70 to the heat_setpoint Terminal.

Installing a Wired Thermostat

Create the INSTEON Wired Thermostat Device by running the WiredThermostat Script. The parameters for the WiredThermostat Script are:

address :

farhenheit :

  • this parameter controls whether the Wired Thermostat runs in Fahrenheit or Celsius mode. If set to true, the thermostat will run in Fahrenheit mode; if set to false, the thermostat will run in Celsius mode.

port_location :

  • this parameter is only necessary when there is more than one INSTEON network. The port_location is the USB port of the network's INSTEON modem. It is used to differentiate INSTEON networks. In *nix systems, this is in the /dev directory with a name like /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/cu.usbserial-00001004. Type "ls -lrt /dev/*" for hints. On Windows systems, the location is COMx where "x" is a number (1,2,3, etc.).


To add a Wired Thermostat Device with ID "thermostat" in Fahrenheit mode with the INSTEON Address "12.34.AB" to a system with one INSTEON network, run the WiredThermostat Script with the following parameters:

id: "thermostat"
fahrenheit: true
address: "12.34.AB"

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