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Blue Iris Trigger Device

The Blue Iris Trigger Device starts up cameras being managed by Blue Iris camera software. If you have a Virtual Wiring event you wish to use to take a picture or a movie and you are using Blue Iris to control your cameras, this Device is your solution.

The source code for the Blue Iris Trigger Device is in the virtualizer/programming directory, and it's called "vd_blue_iris_trigger.rb".

Terminal Description

The Blue Iris Trigger Device has a single input, the "trigger" input. The trigger input looks for "on" events, and when it sees one, it tells Blue Iris to start a camera. Blue Iris' web address and camera name are defined by configuration parameters.

Creating a Blue Iris Trigger Device

Blue Iris Trigger Devices are created by running the BlueIrisTrigger Script. The Script is in the WebDevices directory and takes 6 input parameters (5 plus an ID). The parameters define the location of the Blue Iris web server, login parameters, and which camera to trigger.

The parameters are as follows:

  • camera_name: the name of the camera being triggered. This is the name Blue Iris uses.

  • host_name: the web address of the host running Blue Iris.

  • login_name: the user name for logging into Blue Iris. If there is no login required, set the login_name to "".

  • password: the password for the login_name ("" if no password).

  • port: the TCP/IP port of Blue Iris Software (default is 80).


Running the BlueIrisTrigger Script with the parameters listed below will add a Blue Iris Trigger Device named "blue_iris", which starts camera "Frontdoor" on a Blue Iris host at web address "my_server", running on port 80 with a login name of "user" and a password of "pwd".

id: "blue_iris"
camera_name: "Frontdoor"
host_name: "my_server"
login_name: "user"
password: "pwd"
port: 80

If your host doesn't have a web address, use its IP address (quoted) instead (e.g. "").

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