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Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch

The Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch is a Z-Wave Binary Switch which also monitors power and energy usage. It comes in a package with an input and output AC power cord.

Installing an Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch

Like the Binary Switch Device, the Smart Energy Switch Device has "1" and "1S" terminals for controlling and reading its state. In addition, it has "Watts" and "KWh" output terminals. The "Watts" terminal is a time averaged Watts power measurement of the power consumed by the device plugged into the switch. The "KWh" terminal shows the energy consumed by the device plugged into the switch.

Create the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Device by running the SwitchBinaryAeonSmartEnergy Script. The parameters for the SwitchBinaryAeonSmartEnergy Script are:

address :

port_location :

  • this parameter is only necessary when there is more than one Z-Wave network. The port_location is the USB port of the network's Z-Wave controller. It is used to differentiate Z-Wave networks. In *nix systems, this is in the /dev directory with a name like /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/cu.usbserial-00001004. Type "ls -lrt /dev/*" for hints. On Windows systems, the location is COMx where "x" is a number (1,2,3, etc.).


To add an Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch Device with ID "switch" and Z-Wave address 5 to a system with one Z-Wave network, run the SwitchBinaryAeonSmartEnergy Script with the following parameters:

id: "switch"
address: 5

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