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Low Cost Alarm System Script

Here is the example script for building the low cost alarm system. Make sure your substitute your own values for the Email and the IO8-G "port_location" parameters. We've added comment lines, for clarity.

# create our Emailing Device
run_script("Scripts/Device/EMail/TextMessagingPOP", email_address:"", gmail_polling:true, host:"", id:"alarm_mailer", mail_subject:"Alarm Message", password:"alarm", poll_interval:300, smtp_host:"", smtp_port:587, ssl_enable:true, user_name:"")

# create our IO8-G Device
run_script("Scripts/Device/DLP/IO8", id:"io8", poll_interval:1, port_location:"/dev/ttyUSB0")

# create our Alarm Device and a "door" input terminal
run_script("Scripts/Device/Virtual/Alarm/Alarm", duration:1, id:"alarm") run_script("Scripts/Device/Virtual/Alarm/InputTypes/Equal", alarm_id:"alarm", input_name:"door", value:"on")

# wire everything together
wire("io8:1S", "alarm:door")
wire("alarm:messages", "alarm_mailer:in")
wire("alarm_mailer:out", "alarm:command")

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