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Wires Page: Table View

Wires Table View

The Table view shows a table of the wires in the system, and it also provides a mouse driven method for adding and deleting wires. Generally, it takes more mouse clicks to add wires in a Table view, as it is menu driven rather than graphical. For some display devices, it may be easier to use the Table view, or some users may prefer tables over pictures.

The Wires Table view presents a tabular view of the wires in the system. Each row in the table represents one wire. The row has a column listing the starting terminal, another column listing the ending terminal, and an set of Actions. Currently, the only Action supported is deleting a wire.

Adding a Wire

At the bottom of the "Wires" page, there is a "New Wire" button. To create a new wire, click on the "New Wire" button. Next, one is presented with a new page prompting for start and end "Connectors". Connectors are another name for Devices. (Think of each device as having a connector on it containing a bunch of terminals.) Click on the "Start" and "End" Connector menu buttons to select the device you wish your wire to start on and end on. Next click the "Define Terminals" button at the bottom of the page.

After clicking on the "Define Terminals" button, you will see the "define terminals" page. There, there is a menu for choosing the terminal for each of the two connectors you selected on the previous page. Select the terminal for each of the two connectors and press the "Create Wire" at the bottom of the page. You should see your new wire on the "Wires" page.

Deleting a Wire

In the Table view of wires, at the end each row, there is an Action called "Delete". There is one "Delete" action for each wire in the table. If one clicks on the "Delete" action, one gets a dialog box asking if it's OK to delete the wire. Click "OK" to delete the wire or "Cancel" to leave the wire alone.

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