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Tour of the System

System Components

In the Virtual Wiring system, everything is built using devices and wires. So to build a system, you must first select the devices you need and then wire them together. The Virtual Wiring system has a web interface, so device selection, wiring, and monitoring and controlling are all done using a web browser.

To make this all happen, there are 3 main web pages used to control the system: one for adding devices, a second for wiring devices together, and a third for monitoring and controlling the system. If you require more in depth control of your system, there is also a System Console screen for getting into the guts of the system.

The System Interface

We'll go over the 4 screens in the following sections.

Further Information

When you are done touring the system, take a look at the Tutorials section to try building some systems.

Seen enough? Want to build something? Check out some of our Recipes and Projects for ideas.

Know what you want to build already? Decide what kinds of physical devices you need and look for them in our Devices library. If you don't see the device you are looking for, can you wire one to an Arduino and use it that way? Perhaps you can build a State Machine or create your own Virtual Device.

Need a device we are missing? Bring it up in the Forum. We are always looking for ways to improve our Devices library.

Looking for an answer to a question? Try our Forum.

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